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Black Belt Instructor sitting in dojo Heimberger's Martial Arts



Hailey DeRigo, now 20 years old, was the 6th student to enroll in the New Tampa Heimberger’s Martial Arts program back in 2004. Throughout Hailey’s 12-year journey to Black Belt, she was been able to call this studio her second home. Her time at Heimberger’s has helped her to develop a work ethic based on  discipline and respect. Among a myriad of childhood activities and experiences, Hailey drew from her continuous martial arts training as a source of strength, confidence, and humility.


Hailey’s three younger siblings have also followed in her footsteps and train at Heimberger’s. After graduating from the International Baccalaureate Program at King High School, Hailey now attends the University of Florida. 


Martial Arts has been Hailey’s greatest passion and will continue to serve as a lifelong challenge to not only be a better martial artist, but to push herself outside of her comfort zone and become better version of herself.

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