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Mr. Jonathan Teagarden's martial arts journey began in 1999, at 11 years old. He started training under Mr. Heimberger in the kid's program, but was moved up to the adult class less than a year later. In 2005 Jonathan was hired on as Assistant Instructor, shortly before receiving his Black Belt. It was his first paying job.


Mr. Teagarden continued to work as an instructor alongside Mr. Heimberger throughout his college years. It was during this time that he achieved the rank of Blue Belt from legendary Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Royce Gracie.

Mr. Teagarden oversaw the day to day operations of this 10,000 sq ft. facility for almost 5 years. During this time he had the honor and privileged to train with, learn from, and even teach alongside some of the most decorated and well known Brazilian Jiu Jitsu artists to ever live, such as Pedro "Caique" Elias, Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles, Royler Gracie, Pedro Sauer, and Evaldo Lima. Mr. Teagarden achieved the rank of Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu during this time.

It was also in Kuwait that Mr. Teagarden and UFC legend Royce Gracie would cross paths again. In addition to attending Royce's yearly seminars at the academy, he once accompanied him to a highly secure Kuwaiti military base; teaching hand to hand combat to Kuwait's special forces and military police for a full week. 

In January of 2017, Mr. Teagarden returned again to Heimberger's Martial Arts to instruct alongside his original master, having accrued an impressive breadth of experience in the intervening years.  Since then, he has applied the knowledge he gained on his travels to the already impressive pedigree of Heimberger's Martial Arts, one with with which few schools can compete!

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